Vidfeed Privacy Policy

Revised May 10, 2016

Thank you for using Vidfeed! Vidfeed goes out of its way to respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how Vidfeed collects, uses, and transfers your information, and how you can control the use of the information that we collect.

Collection of Your Information

Information You Give Us. You may choose to give us certain information, for example, when you create your user profile or when you use the Services. Such information may include:

  1. Profile Information. You may provide us with profile information such as your e-mail address, user name, a profile image, and password when you create an account or when you edit your account information.
  2. Connection to External Services. If you chose to connect your account to an account of an external service, such as a social networking site, we may collect certain information from those accounts. We will not collect any information other than the types of information you authorize such services to provide to us. You may provide such authorization during the connection process. For example, if you choose to connect your Vidfeed account to a social networking account, we may collect your public profile information or your list of friends if you agree to the collection of this information during the connection process.
  3. Metadata and Statistics. While Vidfeed does not generally collect or keep any information that can identify files in your media library, Vidfeed may store information about media items that you choose to use with certain Vidfeed features. For example, if you are using the Vidfeed Watch Later feature, which allows you to save online videos from your favorite websites, or other features that require your Vidfeed account to be linked with third party providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or, Vidfeed may store information about the affected media items. This information may include metadata about the media (such as title, duration, author, cover art, dates associated with the media, and other relevant information) and information about the media itself (such as resolution, bit rate, format, location, etc.).
  4. Associated Vidfeed Media Server Information. We may store information about a Vidfeed Media Server when you create a Vidfeed Media Server or when you connect to a Vidfeed Media Server that you or another person has configured. The Vidfeed Media Server information may include an IP address and port number(s), the name of the Vidfeed Media Server, and information used to secure access to these Vidfeed Media Servers. We store this information to enable you to access the associated Vidfeed Media Server at a later time or from a remote location.
  5. Third Party Services. We may collect information about your use of third party services for reporting to our partners and calculating the fees that we owe them. For example, we report (i) the number of trailers and extras viewed to IVA, (ii) information about premium metadata consumed to Gracenote, and (iii) tracking information to Comscore for Vevo music video playback.
  6. Interfacing Software. We may store copies of any software that you obtain or provide and that accesses or calls any software provided by Vidfeed as part of the Services including, but not limited to, plug-ins for the Services, channel plug-ins, metadata agents, and client applications that communicate directly or indirectly with the Services ("Interfacing Software").
  7. Information Voluntarily Provided. You may send us logs, metadata, or other information about your devices and media for the purpose of resolving an issue you may have with the software. Such information will only be used to help resolve your issue.

Automatically-Collected Technical Information

  1. We may collect information about your interactions with the Services to provide you with a better user experience as further described below. For example, we may maintain an anonymous list of media types that are consumed using the Services.
  2. Like many online services, we may collect information about the devices that are used to access our services, such as the IP address of the device, the operating system and version of the device, the browser that you use to access a Vidfeed web page, and the versions of the Vidfeed technologies being used.
  3. When a request for information or content is sent to a Vidfeed Media Server, we may collect an application identifier that identifies which application sent the request. An application identifier uniquely identifies a particular copy of an application. For example, if you download an application from Vidfeed, delete the copy of the application, and then re-download the application from Vidfeed, the new copy of the application will be associated with a different application identifier than the deleted copy of the application.
  4. Like many online services, Vidfeed uses cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies to collect information that helps us provide our Services to you. We also use these technologies to help market our products and services to you and other customers. For more information about these uses and how you may control them.
  5. We may collect location information about the devices that access our Services. Any location information collected will not identify the location of a device with any more specificity than the city in which the device is located.

Use of Your Information

  1. We use the collected information to provide you with the Services, improve the Services, enhance your user experience, and communicate with you. For example, we may use information about your interactions with the Services to track the watch state of media items that have been linked to the Services on devices that have been linked to the Services. We may use this information to allow you to resume watching in the same watch state on different Vidfeed-linked devices. As another example, we may track your consumption of media items to provide recommendations for other content you may enjoy.
  2. We may use your profile information to contact you about your account or about new Vidfeed functionality and certain Vidfeed news and information. You may opt-out of certain types of communications by editing your account settings.
  3. If you choose to connect your account to an account of an external service, such as a social networking site, we may publish posts via the external services on your behalf, but only if you give us permission to do so. Additionally, the content of the published posts will be limited to describing your interactions with the Services. For example, you may request Vidfeed to publish a post on your behalf describing content you have recently consumed using the Services.
  4. If you have developed software that interfaces with the Services, we may convey copies of that software to other users and permit those users to use, copy, redistribute, or modify your Interfacing Software, subject to the terms and conditions of a license as set forth in the Vidfeed Terms & Conditions of Services.
  5. We may use the collected information to provide, customize, and personalize marketing, advertising, and other content that we deliver to you.
  6. Except as expressly stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not share your information with any third parties, except in the following limited situations:
    1. With affiliates that assist us in providing you with our services, such as payment processors and cloud service providers, but we will require our affiliates to only use or disclose your information for the purposes of providing the services requested of them and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
    2. If we believe that the disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) satisfy an applicable law, regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request; (b) detect, prevent, or otherwise address illegal or suspected illegal activities; or (c) protect the safety, rights, or property of Vidfeed, the public, or any person.
    3. In connection with a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization, or similar transaction or other proceeding involving Vidfeed that includes or requires the transfer of the information.
    4. If your information is a part of a set of non-private, aggregated, or otherwise non-personal information, such as aggregated usage statistics.

Protection of Your Information

  1. In order to help keep your media secure, we partner with DigiCert to provide publicly trusted SSL certificates for end to end encrypted connections between Vidfeed Media Servers, Vidfeed client apps and Vidfeed cloud services. For more information, please review our support article on the topic here.
  2. Password information is stored on our servers and is protected by the use of encryption technologies.
  3. We do not store any of your billing details or credit card information on our servers. The data is encrypted and securely stored by an independent company, BrainTree, which provides payment processing services for Vidfeed. A copy of the BrainTree security policy is available here.

Third-Party Products and Services

Vidfeed may offer products or services from third parties or the Services may contain links to third-party websites, products, or services. For example, Vidfeed may offer plug-ins developed by Vidfeed users that interface with the Services. Any such third parties may collect information from you and any information collected by third parties is governed by the privacy practices of those third parties. Vidfeed does not control and is not responsible for the collection of information by such third parties.


  1. While Vidfeed does distribute products that may be used by children, the Service is not intended to be used by children without involvement, supervision, and approval of a parent or legal guardian. Therefore, if an account owner sets parental controls or establishes sub-accounts that the account owner intends to permit a child to use, the account owner should not reveal the account password to the child. Vidfeed and its contributors may not provide controls that restrict the maturity level of content available via Vidfeed and an adult account owner has sole responsibility for determining what maturity level is appropriate for or accessible to any children whom the account owner permits to use the Service or a sub-account.
  2. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13, except that we may collect persistent identifiers, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of devices used to access the Services. Any such persistent identifiers will be used solely to support the internal operations of the Services. If we learn that we have collected the personal information of a child under the age of 13 we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to our Privacy Policy by posting the new Privacy Policy on the Vidfeed website. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

Controlling Your Information

You may control your information by:

  1. Changing your profile information by accessing the "Account Settings" page of the Vidfeed website.
  2. Linking or unlinking your account from another account of an external social networking website.
  3. Deleting your account. You may delete your account by selecting the option to delete your account in the "Account Settings" page. We will delete your information within a reasonable amount of time after receiving the request except that we may retain archived copies of your information as required by law or for legitimate business purposes.


You may send questions and comments regarding this policy by email to us at